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Talent Recruitment Talent Concept

                      Excellent sales
              1、Familiar with the sale of the injection mold, English level 6 or above, fluent in oral English;
              2、Independent development of customer, successful sales experience and performance;
              3、Has the mold industry customer resources is preferred;
              4、Basic salary + welfare (annual tourism, festival bonus, meals, etc.) + commission.

              Project Manager
              1、College degree or above, major in machinery, mold technology or manufacturing and other related;
              2、5+ year experience with plastic mold project management,with headlight project management experience is preferred;
              3、Skilled in project management of related standards and requirements, simple operation of UG and CAD;      
              4、Annual salary 150000-300000。

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·  Shouldering responsibility for customer, supplier, and employees.
·  Pursuing high-quality plastic mold and high quality molding.
·  Striving for total customer satisfaction.
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