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Overseas Sales Quality Leader
1. Diploma or Bachelor Degree in Foreign Trade, English, International Trade, Marketing, etc.
2. More than one year's experience in international trade merchandising or sales (SMT industry priority)
3. Basic knowledge of basic international trade theory, foreign trade correspondence and operation related documents
4. Skilled English writing and speaking;
1. Academic degree or above, below 30 years of age;
2. Over 2 years of product line inspection experience in the electronic equipment industry
3. Be able to determine preliminarily the main reasons for the main problems occurred in inspection;
4. Strong sense of responsibility
Job Responsibilities :
1. Track the order production of the company's existing customers;
2. Respond to new inquiry and follow-up work received by the company;
3. Potential customer’s follow-up, development;
4. Development work for new customers

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for sheet metal testing and status identification of the tested products;
2. Tracking the process of the problem occurred in the inspection;
3. Monthly summary and statistics of inspection data.

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